• Out of various methods of job advertising, online job posting is the most used and highly effective method to advertise a job vacancy. Exploreture offers a variety of features to deliver an exceptional recruitment experience for employers across the globe.
  • The best and the most effective way to advertise a job vacancy would be to post on online job websites. Advertising job vacancies on promoted social media posts is another effective way to advertise job vacancies. Employers get the opportunity to promote their job vacancy advertisements in Exploreture’s social media channels as well, to increase the frequency of getting potential candidate profiles.
  • Publishing job advertisements has been made easier than ever. All you need to do is create an employer profile in Exploreture by clicking join us and following the quick steps to complete your company profile. Next, click on post a new job and add the relevant details to post your job advertisement.
  • Employers can advertise an unlimited amount of job advertisements in Exploreture for free of charge. Likewise, Exploreture allows employers to search and access registered candidates in the portal to shortlist.
  • The fastest and the most effective way to attract candidate profiles is to publish job advertisements on online job sites. Advertising on social media platforms has an equal potential of gaining more candidate profiles. Exploreture acts as an omnichannel job portal that offers the benefit of publishing job advertisements on the website as well as popular social media platforms that include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • A recruitment process can be fast-forwarded using key steps such as creating an effective job advertisement that is optimized for mobile responsiveness, using social media to promote the job advertisement, and adapting to flexible and virtual interviews. Employers earn the benefit of consulting Exploreture to finetuning their job advertisement to gain maximum results; furthermore, Exploreture ensures a fast-paced recruitment process with the use of user-analytic based social media promotions to advertise job postings in popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • The quality of the candidate profiles you attract will be depending on the details you provide in the job description. In order to gather more qualified profiles, you must construct a detailed job description that consists of all required qualifications, certifications, and years of experience. Moreover, you can also consider the points of having a clear headline that explains the role, including additional details such as the package and benefits offered. Exploreture maintains a candidate bank that consists of numerous skilled profiles from all around the world. Employers can easily access the CV bank that is being continuously updated with new profiles to shortlist candidates that suit their open positions by partnering up with Exploretures
  • Remote recruitment is a virtual process that involves attracting, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates from various geographic locations. This process has become more popular than ever as a result of the global pandemic. Embracing the latest technological platforms, remote recruiters connect with skilled candidate profiles around the world and maintain databases to cater to employers who are in search of talent. Exploreture acts as a remote recruitment hub from Sri Lanka that connects skillful talent from all around the world with local and foreign employers that have remote recruitment needs. Enabling a streamlined remote recruitment process, Exploreture can cater to resource requirements of various sizes on short notice.
  • A remote recruitment agency acts as a talent sourcing partner that helps employers to recruit skilled employees from all around the world. Exploreture works as a remote recruitment agency that has multiple years of experience in providing remote recruitment solutions for employers across the globe.
  • A remote recruitment agency has the potential to drastically reduce the additional costs involved in the normal recruitment process. For a predefined package, a remote recruitment partner can obtain suitable candidate profiles based on the provided requirements to fill up vacancies at a faster pace. Exploreture is an experienced remote recruitment agency that is able to handle the entire remote recruitment process and supply skilled talent from Sri Lanka. Moreover, Exploreture offers well-equipped workspace facilities as well as management of development teams for local and foreign employers.
  • Remote recruitment agencies are the main sourcing partners of remote developers. Contact Exploreture to recruit experienced remote developers skilled in multiple technical domains. In short notice, Exploreture is able to provide remote resources in various programming languages that suit any kind of software development requirement.
  • Recruiting remote developers can be beneficial to employers in multiple ways. Out of all, the key benefit would be the reduction in cost compared to hiring full-time developers. This resource augmentation approach is designed to effectively reinforce in-house development teams of employers on necessary occasions.

    Adhering to the dynamic nature of start-up cultures, Exploreture is able to provide experienced developers that suit any start-up varying from different sizes. Exploreture has been a choice of tech-entrepreneurs and start-up owners all around the world especially because of the start-up packages we offer. In general, start-ups require short-term resources that go in line with their limited budgets. Exploreture’s Sri Lankan remote recruitment comes in as an ideal solution for these short-term resource requirements. Additionally, Exploreture can provide experienced project managers to maintain a streamlined development flow by keeping a track of the project and effectively utilizing the limited resources and budgets.


  • An ideal PhD candidate must possess the required knowledge and experience of the academic structure. Moreover, a PhD candidate’s academic writing must be exceptional in comparison to a PhD student.
  • A PhD candidacy is owned by acquiring the mandatory experience as a PhD student to continue the degree work with minimum supervision.
  • In general, an applicant must perform well in their undergraduate level scoring a higher GPA with a minimum of an upper second class honors degree. Likewise, a merit or a distinction in a Master's degree may be required as well in some cases to qualify.
  • An ideal PhD candidate must provide compelling answers to interview questions asked on the purpose, key objectives, reasons behind the chosen study, outcomes of the study, and the planned timeline.
  • Usually, a PhD may take six to eight years to complete. However, it will be beneficial for the candidate to take the longer road without rushing your doctorate.
  • A PhD requires plenty of commitment and efficient time management skills. Once you successfully complete your undergraduate and graduate-level degrees, a PhD could be started at any moment when you are sure of yourself in committing to the PhD.
  • A PhD is usually assessed by two examining parties that are internal and external. The entire coursework should be summarized and briefed well in the viva examination by providing answers tactfully. In general, a PhD must showcase a scholarly contribution to knowledge by highlighting the candidate's academic writing and research skills.
  • The key point that must be considered when choosing a research topic is the candidate’s interest in the area of study. Next, the chosen topic should be narrowed down to an area that can be focused clearly and managed efficiently. Brainstorming on the selected topic with your colleague to confirm if any amendments are required. Lastly, prep answers for the questions including reasons for your choice of topic, the purpose of the study, how is your study going to add up to the existing body of knowledge, and expected outcomes of your study.
  • Exploreture acts as a hub that connects skilled graduates with scholars and educational institutes that are in search of talents. Research intern vacancies and requirements can be listed under the academic opportunities of Exploreture. Similarly, Researchers and educational institutes can access the Exploreture candidate bank to find suitable profiles that match the academic requirements.


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