How to find the job you love?


How to find the job you love?

07 steps that would help you find your preferred job.

According to the wise words of Confucius, if you choose to make a living from something you love to do, you will never have to work a day in your life. Indeed, it is a great piece of career advice, but finding what you love to do and turning that into a source of income will require a plan of action. Let’s discuss further how we can find a job we love.

Find where your passion lies

The very first step in this process would be to find what you are passionate about the most. Forget about the roles you have played in your past careers, think about what inspires you freely as a person. Take a small walk down the memory lane, what did you enjoy most as a child? What did you want to become when you grow up, before you were sandwiched between life pressures? You need to address those instincts again to find out where your true passion lies. You might end up in a path that is different from the role you played in the last job, which is why you should not consider any of that. I can bring myself in as a practical example here; I started my career in sales and operations but as I was continuing my higher academics, I figured out that I am passionate about writing as well. Even though I was not confident enough to get myself into a writing career, deep down I always wanted to try it out. Likewise, you can feel the sensation of being energized throughout the routine when you do something you love to do.

Avoid prioritizing money over everything

This will help you make your choice from the couple of options you have. Assume that money does not exist in the equation. Or else, assume that you won a lottery. What would you enjoy doing regardless of the income you generate out of it? Once you leave out all the financial obligations, it will start to make more sense about where your passion lies. Of course, financial obligations cannot be ignored, yet you cannot let the need for money influence your choices. The career you choose should eventually lead you to financial security, but keep in mind that if making enough money is your defining motivator, it is very unlikely that you will choose the path you love.

Collect opinions

Once you have shortlisted a few options, feel free to ask around among your friends and family for their opinions. Since they are the ones who associate closely, they might have an idea of providing useful suggestions. Sometimes it is the people who are close to us, knows us the best. Therefore, knowing their thoughts about your choices might help you in the process.

The ideal working environment for you

Working environments play a huge role when it comes to work-life balance. You should identify what kind of work environment would be the ideal fit for you. The preferences of work environments can vary from person to person; the decision is yours to make whether you prefer a solitary environment over an outgoing environment full of working with multiple teams. Similarly, the environment should ideally align with personal routine. This emphasizes whether you are into working extra hours and weekends or whether you wish to spend your evenings and weekends leisurely.

Keep seeking advice

The more advice you get, the clearer it gets towards finding the job you love to do. Keep talking to people you meet in the industry or job field that you are interested in working. Try to get more information about their practical experiences in their career lives. Ask them about the additional skills that can come in handy in the future. You can even meet a career counselor to get more information about any area that is unclear. Career counselors can give you additional intel about similar opportunities that you have not tapped. Moreover, they can guide you on mapping out a long-term career plan.

Focus on developing skills

Frequently invest in learning new skills and polishing whatever skills you have. An ideal way to work this out would be to create a checklist of skills you wish to develop, where you can track progress and tick off as you complete. Take a couple of related online courses and complete certification that might be helpful. As mentioned earlier, get information from people who are already working in the field you are planning to get into. Always follow the path that they point towards developing skills. Developing the required set of skills is a mandatory step you need to take as it will power up the entire plan.

Interesting places of work

Another step that you can take would be to research the companies that seem interesting. Generally, companies tend to showcase the cultural values and working environment that they operate, in their social media platforms. Furthermore, you can reach out to the mutual connections in your professional network and request more information, introductions, or even referrals. It is always recommended to do thorough research when you select and shortlist companies to try. In fact, by doing so, you will get enough information about the company that would even help you prepare yourself for job interviews.


Finding what you love to do will require some effort, and you would be eternally thankful for investing the required effort once you finally find the job you love. As mentioned earlier, doing what you love has the potential to keep you motivated and energized throughout the process. You will rarely feel like you are working because you rarely feel tired. Besides, this is what proves the theory of Confucius; “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work in a day in your life”. Cheers to finding the job you love, where you might never need to work a day!



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