Why do you want to join our company?


Why do you want to join our company?

Drafting out an ideal answer to one of the popular interview questions.

This is one of the frequent questions asked in interviews where all of us might have answered multiple times in our career journey. The answer you give to this question will determine whether you proceed in the recruitment process further or move out of it. This interview question is such a powerful one where you need to answer precisely to convince the interviewer. The below steps will guide you on how to develop a better answer.

Do plenty of research about the company

As always, conducting effective research will give you enough and more information about the company that you need to be aware of. The interviewers tend to ask various kinds of questions to find out if the applicant has an idea of the general information about the company and the job role that is being offered. Therefore, be thorough with the publicly available information about the company such as the products and services offered, for how long the company has been serving the industry, prominent leadership roles, and various other information that is worth highlighting. This would be one of the instances you get to portray a strong impression by emphasizing the fact that you have done your research about the company. The company website will always be a good option to grasp a lot of important information that you will need. Refer to sections such as company vision and mission, who we are, and about us, where they have expressed about their background and their brand value. Mentioning these points in your answer will make it both interesting and informative to the listener. Moreover, it will grant you plus points for your research skills and the interest shown in looking at the company’s detailed information.

Have a look at their social media platforms

Generally, companies use their social media channels to showcase their operating cultures. Other than that, you might be able to capture what kind of an impression that the social media community has towards the particular company. Likewise, you can get an idea about the popularity of the products and services offered by the company. Moreover, the follower count, frequency of the posts uploaded, and comments received will give a proper insight into the company. These will be valid points to make your conversation engaging with the interviewer.

Be thorough with the job description

It is important to address the specific points that are listed in the job description published by the job poster. Therefore, be thorough enough with the job description and highlight the specific points that are in the job description. Pay extra attention to the key responsibilities and the expectations of the employer. Your answer should contain all these important points in a way that convinces the interviewer.

Highlight what made you interested in applying

Aligning with the key points of the job description, you must highlight what points made you interested in applying for the job. This could simply be an interesting aspect of a role that you have been waiting to try or a managerial responsibility you are eager to take into your hands. Following this approach will give the interviewer an assurance about the confidence and courage you have towards taking the job.

Emphasize how you would be the ideal fit for the job

While carrying forward the conversation, emphasize how you suit this role by drawing your skills, expertise, and past experiences to the conversation. You can even bring one of the practical experiences from your career journey to explain to the interviewer how you would be the best fit for the role. This is one of the powerful points that should be included in your answer. The examples and points you emphasize should make them strongly believe that you have the capability to handle the responsibilities of the posted job.

Confidently express your knowledge about the field

Maintain a steady flow in the conversation with confidence; as you speak, you must make the impression to the interviewer that you have an ample amount of knowledge about the field. Therefore, as explained in the above section, make sure to showcase that you have enough experience in the field by providing examples of practical situations. The more knowledge you show about the field, the more it is guaranteed that you will be hired.

Be more precise and avoid being vague

Always talk to the point directly. Interviewers tend to ask questions whenever they see a chance to jump in; once you are asked such questions, steadily give precise answers without being vague. Furthermore, be mindful of the tone as you speak and manage to continue the conversation with a consistent friendly tone. Also, sounding a bit over excited will create an unprofessional impression. Therefore, make sure to maintain pleasant verbal and facial expressions in the entire conversation.

Explain how you wish to progress with your career

Employers like to hear about how you plan your way forward by joining the company. Let them know what your career objectives are and how you wish to achieve them. Make sure to be realistic and stick to a proper time frame. Moreover, highlight how this role that you have applied for is going to impact your career progression. Likewise, do not forget to add to this how you are going to be a valuable addition to the company.

In conclusion

The answer to this interview question is one of the ways how you can showcase your utmost desire and interest in joining the company. Therefore, take an interesting approach to tell your story. Always draw practical and professional reasons why you are eager to work for the employer. Try not to get overly ambitious, yet show enough courage to convince the interview that you are up for the challenge. Additionally, maintain a gentle and calm behavior throughout the interview. Panicking unnecessarily will create a negative impression and ruin your hard earned opportunity.



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