Are you looking for IT opportunities in Singapore?


Are you looking for IT opportunities in Singapore?

Singapore is a small country in Asia with a population of only 5.6 million and 728.6 km2. Most of the people are Chinese, followed by Malaysians and Indians. Around 30% of the people are Buddhist, while 20% have no religion.

The first thing you will notice when you land in Singapore for the first time is how modern, clean, and developed the country is. While taking the taxi from the Airport, you will see the sky scrappers, the famous marina bay sands, trees on roadsides, tall apartments, and occasional luxury condos.


Most of the people in Singapore speak English, and as a newbie to the country when I came here a few years ago, it made my life easier. Public transportation is one of the excellent transportation Systems in the world. A Bus or a Train is there whenever you want to go somewhere. Getting a Cab is also easy with the help of ride-hailing Mobile apps like Grab or Just by waving your hand at a Taxi. Singapore also has one of the fastest internet connections in the world, including affordable unlimited fiber connections.

Before moving to Singapore, As a Research Engineer in 2017, I knew the country was developed and had more than enough infrastructure to support the IT industry, but I still had doubts. But I had no doubts after working few days with my new colleagues. I joined Nanyan Technological University as a Research Engineer after working three years as s Software Engineer at Pearson Sri Lanka. At this new Place, I met so many great people with extraordinary talents.

I have been working in Singapore for more than four years, and I must say the experience has been great. I will highlight few pointers on why you should come to Singapore seeking new opportunities. Since I am a Software Engineer, my opinions might be more relevant to people from the IT industry.

There are plenty of opportunities for Sofware Engineers

I get messages at least a few per month from head hunters regarding new opportunities. And if you apply for a job, there is an excellent chance to get short-listed if you have the matching skills and experience. Sri Lankans has a good reputation here in the Software Industry. I think it is due to the quantity of education we get from our local universities, both government and private.

However, coming to Singapore and seeking a job could be challenging. It is difficult to explain fully in this post. The best advice I can give you is to ask a friend before coming to Singapore and prepare well.

The Pay is Good

If you compare Software Engineer wages in Singapore against the wages in the Eupore or the USA, you will see that the wages in Singapore are lower. But there is a catch. The tax rate is much lower in Singapore, and you get to take most of the Salary home compared to Europe or the USA.

On average, A Software Engineer can earn 6000 SGD per month and only pay 233 SGD as tax per month.

The Tech Stack

There are plenty of Startups, MNCs, and FAANG like companies in Singapore. So if you have the right skills, the sky is the limit. The companies in Singapore use most of the latest and advanced technologies. Technologies like Java, Spring, Angular, React, .NET, IOS, Android, AWS, GCP, and Azure are a few popular ones, but there are many more. By joining a company in Singapore, you will get the opportunity to learn these technologies and gain more experience.

Meetups and Communities

For a Software Engineering professional, it is essential to be involved in meetups and the communities. Singapore has a vast range of programming meetups and communities, unlike Sri Lanka. Furthermore, since many foreigners are working in Singapore, you will get the chance to meet people from many countries.

AWS and Google hold their community event on a grand scale and regularly in Singapore. Even though the covid situation has affected these events, they still conduct those online via Zoom.

Fast Internet and Devices

For me, a fast and stable internet connection is vital when working or doing my studies. Singapore has one of the fastest internet connections globally, and for my unlimited fiber connection, I pay only 50 SGD per month.

When it comes to buying Laptops, PCs, and other accessories, Singapore is the Best Place. Many companies have their branches in Singapore, including Apple. If you need to buy anything online, Lazada and amazon are also available.


Singapore is a great place to learn new technologies and gain valuable experience as a Software Engineer. With the help of the Sri Lankan community here, it will be easy for a newcomer to adapt to the culture and the country.

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