Why Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment Gained Popularity.


Why Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment Gained Popularity.

The recruiters across the globe collectively faced the hardships caused by the rippling effects of the pandemic. The past couple of years were the most challenging in various aspects that pushed them to redefine their approaches and limits of preparedness. As a result of the pressure created by these unprecedented changes, recruitment companies started to adopt virtual recruitment methods to continue their day-to-day business operations. By adapting to these new virtual methods recruitment companies have strategized their recruitment processes with a hybrid approach that consists of a perfect blend of virtual and in-person recruitment. Let’s further discuss what virtual and hybrid recruitment are and how it has gained popularity over time.

What is Virtual Recruitment?

The concept of virtual recruitment has evolved over a decade to the status of the present day. Along with the technological advancements that take place frequently, recruiting companies increasingly deviated from regular recruitment methods to practicing virtual recruitment where the virtual tools used allow recruiters to operate the entire recruitment cycle online in a hassle-free manner. When we get into the minute details of the topic, it is certain that virtual recruitment is a lot more than online job postings and chats with recruiters. Virtual recruitment is based on a set of unique tools and techniques used to streamline the recruitment process efficiently and deliver an outstanding candidate experience. This set of tools may differ from recruiter to recruiter, yet they serve the same causes of enhanced connectivity or communication, virtual career fairs, and hiring events infused with technology.

The Hybrid Recruitment model

Hybrid recruitment is the fine combination of in-person and virtual recruitment that companies embraced with the challenges of the global pandemic. As the vaccines rolled out effectively worldwide, the recruitment companies were eagerly waiting to bring back the in-person recruitment processes with a brand new outlook infused with technology. However, virtual recruitment continues to be the cornerstone that revolutionized the regular recruitment processes by helping employers to avoid geographical barriers in attracting talent. The hybrid approach allows the massive advantage of choosing the ideal recruitment tools that effectively align with their strategies in achieving operational excellence.

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What made Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment so popular?

Virtual and hybrid recruitment collectively gained the industry’s popularity mainly because of the countless benefits it offered along with the ability to gauge unnecessary variables of generic recruitment processes. One of the notable benefits would be the advancements done to improve candidate experience. The virtual recruitment tools and techniques have the potential to boost the engagement between a candidate and recruiter which results in a better candidate experience. Likewise, better candidate experience is directly proportional to the enhancement of the brand awareness of the recruitment company. Additionally, virtual and hybrid recruitment has the capability to speed up the entire process while lowering the costs involved.

Combined approaches that work

Virtual and hybrid recruitment models have revolutionized the processes with better strategies for talent acquisition. Recruitment companies tend to find the strategies that work effectively for them by mixing the approaches of virtual and hybrid recruitment with existing recruitment processes. Listed below are a few combined strategies frequently used by recruiters.

Blended Hybrid Approach

The blended hybrid approach is a mix of virtual and in-person recruitment strategies where the recruiters use virtual recruiting methods at the top of the recruitment funnel and move towards the in-person approaches in the final set of interviews.

Composite Hybrid Approach

A composite hybrid approach uses both virtual and in-person recruitment methods throughout the processes of the recruitment funnel parallelly. The selection of either approach would be based on the effectiveness and the convenience of the recruiter.

Synchronous Hybrid Approach

The synchronous hybrid approach is a combination of virtual and in-person recruitment in the same event to maximize the operating capacity of the recruitment agency.

Best practices of Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment

Employers and recruiters may focus on these three key areas as adherence to best practices in virtual and hybrid recruitment in order to make the best out of them.

Using the ideal technological tools

From virtual meeting applications to chatbots and advanced AI-based applications for candidate shortlisting, employers and recruiters need to identify the right set of tools and approaches that work for them and the candidates. Similarly, employers and recruiters must be aware of all the applicable privacy laws and make sure to adhere to and be compliantly maintaining the transparency of the candidate data that is being collected by these applications and technological tools.

Establishing the ideal processes

The right processes in place have the capability to make use of virtual and hybrid recruitment to the maximum. The transition from in-person recruitment to a fully virtual or hybrid recruitment model impacts the culture of a company. Virtual and hybrid recruitment strategies combined with the processes have the potential to portray the company’s culture from the early stages of recruitment.

Finding the ideal partner

An efficient virtual and hybrid recruitment strategy implementation requires a massive learning curve. The scarcity of competent talent and the competition that rises day by day add up to this. Employees on the other hand have evolving expectations that organizations need to adapt and overcome. This is where an engagement of a competent recruitment partner comes to play. An experienced recruitment partner has the potential to make a company’s recruitment process streamlined with the use of emerging technology solutions and best practices in the industry.

In conclusion

Virtual and hybrid recruitment increases its popularity day by day and it is undoubtedly here to stay. The competition among recruitment firms is propelled by the use of the latest technological tools that shape the new age recruitment processes. Companies need to identify the ideal set of tools and approaches by following a trial and error process. This is one of the main reasons why employers should always check for the recruiter’s capabilities and competencies when partnering up with a recruiting firm. Exploreture is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka that supplies resources to local and foreign clients.



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