How to improve your work-life balance during the pandemic?


How to improve your work-life balance during the pandemic?

A few tips to have a better work from home experience.

As we progress through the global pandemic, it is certain that the traditional business hours are not applicable for most of us anymore. One of the main drawbacks of working from home is known to be the feeling of being overworked, which eventually leads to exhaustion creating an unhealthy working environment. The need for maintaining a healthy work-life balance comes into play in instances like this. Both the employers and employees should collectively focus on keeping this emotional exhaustion to a minimum and adapting to flexible work from home working strategies. Work-life balance can be looking hard and unattainable at first, but if we follow effective approaches, it would be easily achievable.

Why work-life balance requires your attention?

The phrase work-life balance describes the contentful feeling of working efficiently without making any sacrifices to your happiness, personal life, and health. As mentioned before, one of the main perks of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is to reduce the stressful feeling of being overworked. Likewise, less stress means a healthy mind. Therefore, work-life balance has a direct impact on improving and maintaining your mental health. Moreover, having a healthy mindset will always improve your focus on work making you more productive. Similarly, a perfect balance between the two aspects of work and life will enhance your capacity for creative thinking.

Setting mandatory boundaries

The first step that you should ideally take is to set up clear boundaries to the work schedule. Regardless of what communication channel we use, most of us have the habit of checking our messages as the notifications pop. By clearly defining your working hours and making it a habit to maintain the defined routine will help you drastically in the long run. Employers have a responsibility here to maintain a defined routine of communicating hours and encourage the staff to always stick to the designated communication hours and communication channels. Furthermore, using a time tracker tool would help you stick to your designated boundaries. Likewise, tools as such would come in handy to manage your to-do list tasks as well.

Define your dedicated workspace

The next noteworthy point would be to have dedicated space to continue your work. We all know that working from home will not be a temporary solution anymore. This is one of the reasons why you should consider having a designated place in your living space to do your office work. There are no hard and fast rules in getting a workspace sorted out in your home, but you should consider a couple of mandatory facts when finalizing a space. Make sure that you have a way of controlling the outside noise, it is understandable that sometimes we would be unable to have complete silence around our living spaces. Therefore, select a closed area where you would be less distracted by outside noises. The next considerable element would be to have enough light throughout the day and night if applicable. Similarly, if your job requires you to continuously connect with your colleagues, better connectivity in the internet signals would be mandatory as well. Having a dedicated home office would give you the chance of switching places to refresh your mind. Additionally, make it a habit not to use your work laptop while you are on your break.

Identifying your burnout symptoms

Working from home is not going to be easy sometimes as it sounds. The tendency of getting burnt out is high because you have to manage both your work and personal life under one roof. A few of the most common identifiable symptoms would be feeling detached from both work and family engagements, ineffectiveness throughout the work routine, frequent tiresome drained nature, and lack of motivation. You must be mindful of these symptoms and treat yourself with needed attention by increasing the interactions among your family members, taking an ample amount of refresh breaks, and most importantly maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

The daily dose of exercises

As a result of the global pandemic, we restricted ourselves from going out frequently as we used to do. This could be the daily walk you take to work or going out to the gym or even walking your dog. This is one of the instances that can seriously harm our health conditions if we continue to keep our movements to a minimum and eventually it will lead to an unhealthy work-life balance. Therefore, it is recommended to be mindful about taking your daily dose of exercise. If you are feeling skeptical about walking into a gym with the current situation, the ideal options for you are signing up for an online physical training schedule, or an online yoga class.

Allocate time for a creative refresh

It is time to revise your old hobbies if you have stopped them due to lack of time before. Make sure to allocate enough time daily to refresh your mind in a creative way. If you are not a person who had interesting hobbies before, it is not too late yet to look around and find a fit for you. The main intention here would be to give your brain an ample amount of time to refresh and settle down to function better, which will greatly influence maintaining the work-life balance.


Most of us are still in the transition and we are too early to judge by the work-life balance approaches we have tried out so far. The coming days will be brighter for sure, so let’s keep on trying until we find ourselves the ideal approach of work-life balance that fits us better. Feeling overwhelmed at times is quite normal. Wherever you feel low and exhausted, try to reach out to your closest loved one or even your pet; results assured, they can guarantee to give you the relaxation that you need. Most importantly, stay motivated and attract positive energies that fuel you to perform better.



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