Boosting careers with social media


Boosting careers with social media

A comprehensive guide on effective usage of social media to improve your career.

How can social media help you with your career?

We all use social media on a daily basis to share our day-to-day updates, awesome photographs from our family vacations, or even to brag about our cooking skills. In the very same way, social media has quite the potential to help us boost our careers. Let’s discuss further how we can use social media differently to help us improve our careers.

Social job searching 101

Apart from being generic social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also act as a hub that connects job seekers who are actively searching for jobs and employers who are looking forward to hiring for their companies. Social job searching literally refers to the manual job searches done by job seekers in all of these platforms with the intention of getting hired by job posters. Just as you make the effort to search for jobs in the search tab, you must be prepared to appear in employers’ candidate search results. Two of the important factors here would be to have an up-to-date professional user profile and actively interact online on the platform. Social media has the potential to point out ideal candidates for recruiters based on their profile information and preferences.

Creating professional profile

As mentioned earlier, creating a user profile that is professionally branded will be a mandatory step. First things first, and that would be to make yourself easy to be found. Always make sure to name your profiles with the same full name that you mention in your job applications and resumes. Next would be the profile picture, try to look smart and easily identifiable by uploading a photo that is quite similar to the photos in your resume. Moreover, update all the employment and experience details in the mode visible to all. These things will optimize your profile making it easier for recruiters to find you.

Showcasing your skills and expertise

Without any doubt, social media platforms are perfect arenas to showcase the various skills, experiences, and expertise that you have. Other than updating all the details in the profile section, a couple of other things you give a try is consistently engaging in the platform by sharing content that is related to your work, humbly teaching what you know in sharable pieces of content, getting featured in interactions with other users relevant to your field, and most importantly trying to keep up with the consistency as it has a direct impact in gauging your profile reach.

Insights and interactions with like-minded people

Make a habit to frequently add new like-minded connections that are relevant to your field since interaction with these can improve your personal growth and increase the number of opportunities coming your way. Likewise, social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have specific trends, engagement activities, and interactions involving career opportunities. These insights can be used to strategically focus on your interested field, to identify brand new perspectives that will help you improve your career. Moreover, interactions with the right kind of people on these platforms, ideally the people with knowledge and experience about specific fields will be able to advise you to navigate your career journey effectively.

Curating effective content

As mentioned earlier, constantly posting content will help you maintain your profile reach. Another point to consider would be curating this content in a manner that will highlight your skills and expertise. The main reason behind this approach will be to grab your potential employers’ attention emphasizing that you will be a valuable addition to their organization. Following an effective content strategy will undoubtedly grant you an abundance of career opportunities from social media.

Online career platform

Online career platforms are another way of improving your social media engagement. Therefore, participation in these career-oriented platform discussions, forums, and following trending topics along with popular hashtags related to your field will support you in career development and hit you up with more career opportunities.

Different tactics for different platforms


LinkedIn is a serious professional networking platform with a user count that exceeds 500 million. This platform performs best when used as a career management tool rather than using it just to search for job opportunities. Invest your time on LinkedIn to search, approach, and interact with people who know from current and past careers. Eventually, you will be suggested with connections and recommendations of like-minded people who are in your field. Similar to any other platform, the key to getting the maximum usage is posting curated content more often developing your online presence.


Twitter is known to be a more conversational platform compared to the rest of social media platforms. The key to successfully making use of this platform to develop your career would be following enough and more career-oriented influencers, forums, and hashtags that are specific to your field. Moreover, engaging in conversation threads that are related to your field will both showcase your expertise and add up knowledge to you.


It is a well-known fact that Facebook is the most powerful social media network that has great influential capabilities. Facebook acts as a diversified platform with its 2 billion-plus users. You can find various kinds of individuals that vary from your college buddy to your favorite cousin to your current boss or even the future employer you are destined to work with. Therefore, Facebook is one of those platforms where even though it is a platform of enjoyment that is quite chilled, you must maintain your appearance and behavior in such a manner that it will not give you a negative impression.

In conclusion

Social media is a powerful tool that can help boost your career. Likewise, the ineffective usage of social media can seriously harm your career, ruin opportunities, or even make you lose your job. Therefore, be aware of what kind of content you post and how you interact on social media platforms.



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