How to turn an internship into a job?

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How to turn an internship into a job?

I am working as an Associate Software Engineer at SoftSolvo (Pvt) Ltd. This is my personal experience of; how I turned my internship into a job.

After completing my degree, I had to face a challenging situation: “how can I find an internship.” I encountered several interviews, and finally, I found an internship at Lanka solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

During the internship period, I had to perform my best because if my performance is not good enough, I can’t get a job at that company.

“Imagine you are the owner of that company, and your employee is not performing well. Are you willing to hire that person?”

Internships are a way for students to gain experience and learn more about a specific career path. They are additionally a way for organizing and evaluating people and their career paths. Internships let an organization choose how this potential worker will fit inside the general culture of the organization. All You have to do is perform your best during the internship.


Make a Good Impression

As an intern, it is our responsibility to show our team leader and the others of the organization what you can do both personally and professionally to fit in with the corporate culture. Taking time to understand the organization’s culture and convert yourself to match that organization’s culture is one way to make a good impression.

Develop your knowledge

During your internship, try to learn new things related to your career path to specify your careers paths and choices and gain more experience for your working life.

Develop Strong Work Ethic

Setting up availability to complete the work while keeping an elevating viewpoint gives the business sureness that you will wind up being a significant person at the organization at whatever point enlisted as an employee.

Complete Assigned Projects on Time

Always try to hand over your assigned projects on time. If you have any doubt, talk to your team member, or team leaders and get advice from them to complete your work.

Ask for Additional Work

If you don’t have enough work, talk with your team leader to get some work. If not, check to see if you can assist others in completing their work.

Express your Interest in Working for the Company

If you have followed these things, I think you can convert your internship into a job fast and efficiently.


H.N. Punchihewa

Associate Software Engineer – SoftSolvo pvt ltd. Linkedin

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