How We Upgrade Older IFS Versions to Latest IFS Cloud

With all new IFS Cloud, users can access IFS ERP, EAM & FSM from any web browser on a Windows, Macbook or any other device.
There are lots of material on exquisite features of IFS Cloud and benefits of upgrading but the process is unknown to many who have not involved in such project previously.

I would love to share the steps so that you will know how it work and could be more comfortable when decidingof upgrading to IFS Cloud.

General Overview


IFS consist of both IFS Application & Oracle Database, using the scripts already made available by IFS.We upgrade existing (Production) Oracle data base to the latest version compatible with IFS Cloud. Scripts are made available for the IFS standard solution (without any customization). Then customizations will be mapped with existing functionalities of IFS Cloud or uplift using developments which takes a substantial effort.

Step 1 – Analyze the Customizations

Your IFS Solution has 3 components.

  1. Standard IFS Solution : Customizations done on IFS standard solution.

  2. Customizations done on IFS standard solution : Customizations are developments done on IFS solution to add functionalities not available on the standard IFS solution.

  3. Integrations : Integrations done with third party software. (Ex – Hyperion or Inhouse built software)

There are scripts readily available to upgrade IFS versions 7.5, 8, 9 & 10 to IFS Cloud. But these scripts will only upgrade the IFS standard functionality only. Customizations and integrations have to be uplifted separately.

Since the inceptions IFS has been a customer centric solution. All the latest versions are not mere technology upgrades, but it comes with various new functionalities. When IFS do any customization for customers, they will observe those and discuss with key customers for additional functionalities they prefer to have on the new IFS versions. Hence some of the customizations done in your older version could be configured using new functionalities in IFS and CRIM objects available in newer versions. Identify such standardfunctionalities to eliminate old customizations need good IFS consultants and Topra proud to have such a capable team.

If the existing customizations could not be mapped to existing functions, then either discard them (if no longer needed) or uplift it to IFS Cloud. Our technical experts will uplift the customizations.

Uplifting customizations is the most challenging thing in an IFS upgrade project. And it will be the costliest part as well. Rewriting the code to make an uplifted customization work in IFS cloud sometimes more tedious than doing a new customizations plus extensive testing is required from development team and by users.

If the customizations are not essential, then you can do a standard upgrade first and then gradually configure new functionalities and new customizations after the upgrade process as well. There is no requirement to uplift the customizations(immediately) unless they are very essential to the business operation.

Step 2 – Technical Upgrade (Test)

IFS Cloud will be installed on a new server and existing IFS database [usually Production] will be upgraded to latest Oracle version [compatible with IFS Cloud] using standard scripts provided by IFS.

Step 3 – Managing Customizations& Integrations

  1. Customizations identified to map to IFS Cloud functions will be configured.

  2. Customizations selected to uplift will be uplifted by the technical team.

  3. Necessary integrations will be uplifted/ reconfigured.

Step 4 – User Training

Training will be provided to users on IFS Cloud for both standard solution and specific features used by the organization.

Step 5 – Testing

Users must do a thorough testing on all the functionalities whether they are working as intended. This herculean task demand commitment and effort from the users.

Step 6 – Go Live

Once everyone is happy about the completion of the (Test) upgrade, Go Live date must be fixed. Normally this will be after a weekend or some holidays.

Operation will be stopped, and latest Production data base copy will be taken for upgrade. Previous steps followed will be performed on this instance as well.

Database will be updated to latest versions and customizations& integrations done in test environment will be moved this as well.

After that operation will be go live on this new IFS Cloud environment.

Step 7 – Solution Improvement

IFS Cloud comes with new functions than the previous versions. Ex – IFS HR is significantly improved to compete with specialized HR software. You can gradually add functionalities to existing IFS modules and start using new modules as well.

Topra as your Preferred IFS Cloud Upgrade Partner

IFS upgrade seems to be as a complex and costly task. But it is not that complex. Our team is specialized in advice you on how to be on latest IFS Cloud with less effort and cost.

Biggest challenge for IFS customers is uplifting the customizations. But our experience is many customizations are not even in use by the current users. When the current IFS versions are older significance of obsoleted customizations increase. We can easily drop those and initially uplift/ reconfigure only the essential customizations& integrations. Balance could be added gradually. This way cost could be distributed for longer period.

Why IFS Cloud is important?

There are lot of material on the web in general and on IFS website. Currently IFS is only selling IFS Cloud& support for other versions will be halted in couple of years.

It’s always better to be on the latest version of any software and IFS Cloud is accessible using web browser which gives more freedom on the device and location which is helpful in the current environment. Significantly they have got IFS ERP, EAM & FSM to a single solution where you can unlock feature of all 3 (subject to licensing rights).

How to Start the Upgrade Process to IFS Cloud?

Topra is an IFS partner who can carry out the upgrade independently as a single point of contact. Feel free to reach me on Emailmirando@topraworld.com WhatsApp +6581237941.

With office in Singapore & a development center in Sri Lanka we are driven to handle any IFS upgrade around the world.


Haris Mirando

Writer is an ERP expert who help clients to formulate better ERP strategies. He could be reached on mirando@topraworld.com ; Linkedin

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