How to Answer “Where Do You See Yourself in five Years?”

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How to Answer “Where Do You See Yourself in five Years?”

05 tips to rephrase your answer in a better way!

We all are aware that this is one of those interview questions which determines whether you are hired or not. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” this appears to be a tough question for most of us at first, but once you draft out your fabulous answer you are undoubtedly waiting until an interviewer shoots this question at you. Surprisingly, this interview question is a great way to express yourself to the interviewer creating a strong first impression. You will be judged by what you answer and how you answer, which is why these type of questions requires some extra attention when answering. This is not an interview question that is being asked at the very first of an interview. Therefore, you might have some time to break the ice with the interviewer and settle down to start expressing yourself with the answer. Let’s see how we should construct a better answer for the question.


Showcase your interest in a long term career

Replacing resources is one of the most hectic tasks of recruiting officers. Therefore, they always lookout to hire a resource who will be willing to commit multiples working years to their company. Emphasizing the interest you have in engaging in a long-term career is one of the strongest points that your answer must consist of. Recruiters love to hear how you project your long-term careers objectives involving their company if you are being hired. Therefore, simply start off with the level of the vacancy you have applied for and show that you are eager to gradually climb the corporate ladder. Likewise, do not hesitate to ask questions about the pathway of your career if you are hired.

Express that you are up for challenges involving future promotions

As discussed in the previous section, express your interest in earning your way up for future promotions in the organization. Showing off this eagerness gives the reassurance to recruiting managers that you will not end up being a turnover increase adding to their human resource expenses. Do your research about all the available positions in the company and be specific when you speak about promotion opportunities in the company. Expressing your enthusiasm in working extended years with the intention of moving up in the company hierarchy is another valid point you should consider including in your answer.

Speak about your personal goals

This is another strong add-on to your answer to improving it up. Mention a couple of your personal goals that you have been working hard to achieve in the future. Explain to the recruiters how the achievement of these personal goals benefits their company adding up value via yourself. When you speak of your goals, always make a note to bring out realistic and achievable goals as there is a time frame in the question. The recruiters like the feeling of assurance in long-term employees and they also like to hear what you have to offer them which benefits the company.

Make them feel that you are a great team player

The ability to work in teams effectively is a huge plus point because this ability varies from person to person, where some of us enjoy working in teams and some of us enjoy the solitary environment in workspaces. This is why recruiters pitch questions to dig deep into the team spirit of interviewees. Therefore, it would be great if you can draw a couple of your teamwork experiences to the answer. Explain a situation you faced in the past which expresses that you have accomplished your goal together as one. If you have played a leadership role in a team, that will be another add-on to it.

Show them your hunger for knowledge

Employers prefer to hire juniors based on this theory because they mold and shape them out as they wish by providing required training measures. Whereas, the case with experienced resources is not the same. Sometimes, employers encounter drawbacks due to the stubborn nature of experienced resources. Therefore, always try to highlight your eagerness to learn and that you humbly bow down to learn something new. This will be a guaranteed plus point for your answer to the interview question.

A couple of other things to consider

The interviewer will give you plenty of time to express yourself. Therefore, try not to rush things off and take your time to be descriptive. Always try to draw practical examples wherever and whenever necessary. Most importantly, speak realistically. Honesty is the other important fact. There is no need to be overly ambitious, so be mindful of what you speak. Make sure to draw a couple of real-life experiences while speaking about strong points discussed earlier in the article. The interviewer will sometimes jump in and ask counter questions or make counter-arguments to what you speak, try not to panic or overreact in case if something like this happens and always take your thinking time to give a proper positive answer. Interviewers try to create a turbulent environment sometimes to check how you react and what kind of an attitude you will showcase in such environments. This is where you must keep your cool and answer wisely with positive feedback.

Key takeaways

Always keep in mind that the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” interview question has the ability to make or break the interview. Therefore, there is no harm in being a little extra prepared. Practice makes perfect, which is why you need to take time to put thought into your answer and rehearse it plenty to yourself. Do your own research about the company and how they have performed in recent years. Make a note of the occasions or areas that you feel like it would to ideal to be linked to your answer. Likewise, dig deep into the role that you have applied reflecting on how you can evolve aligning your personal interests.



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